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The Excalibur TREC-4 System, Preparations, and Results - The results of the TREC-4 participation for the RetrievalWare Search Engine. This engine was originally called ConQuest Software, which was merged with Excalibur Technologies, then merged with a division of Intel (the new company was called Convera) and then sold to FAST Search & Transfer.



Julia Wolfe - A New York, Downtown, Bang-on-a-can composer with a wonderfully energetic urban style.

The Uses of Electronics in Three Works by Kaija Saariaho - Mystical, fantastic, otherworldy places.

"The nature of commentary in music as seen in the 'Bourreaux de solitude' cycle of le marteau sans maître by Pierre Boulez" - An analysis of the form and connections in the 'Bourreaux de solitude' movements. marteau is the musical composition which has most changed my thinking about music.

"An Analysis of Large Structures found within Movements of Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schoenberg" - A detailed analysis of the form and structure for each of the 21 movements, plus a discussion on how these forms add up to the intensely dramatic work which is Pierrot Lunaire.

It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - An analysis of the song by R.E.M.


"Music Lover's Manifesto" - How much do you really love music? Are you willing to sign the Music Lover's Manifesto?

My Goals and Philosophies as an Artist - My philosophical foundation which guides how I approach my role as an artist.


"Music Printing in the Renaissance" - A short history of the birth of music printing and publishing.

Plays, Libretti

Monica and Linda - Covers the last few months of the relationship between Monica Lewinski and Linda Tripp. A true story using text extracted from the tape transcripts. A one-act chamber opera, first performed April 29th, 2003. (PDF version here)

What's Wrong with Jimi Hendrix? - Two young musicians with curious backgrounds debate music while traveling on Amtrak from DC to New York. A one-act play.

Jane's Gates - Jane tries to convince her friends to come with her to see the Christo Gates in central park - without much success. A one-act play.


"Italian Verb Formulas" (PDF) - Formulas for constructing Italian verb forms.

"Italian Verb Usage Diagram" (PDF) - A diagram for determining when Italian verb forms should be used

Water System

Our Water Treatment System - A users-guide which I wrote up on how to maintain the water filtration system in our house. You may find it useful if you have well water and soft water treatment systems.