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My Trip To Italy

Vatican City:

Saint Peters Cathedral
Stairs up the Dome
Paul and Arden on Top of the Dome
Vatican City


Pantheon Ceiling
Fontana di Trevi
The Forum
Should have used red-nose reduction
Colosseum Inside
Mary and Arden in the Colosseum
An Arch
Bob on a Roman Road


Mary on the Terace
Still Life
Playing Bridge
Cats Sleeping
The Villa In Spring
Flowers on the Villa


Bob on the Walls of Lucca
The Wonderful Walls of Lucca

Boboli Gardens, Fucecchio

The Mayor of Fucecchio
Florence from the Pitti Palace


The Campo
The National Museum
Arden on the Tower
On the Top of the Tower
Inside the tower


Holding Up the Tower
Columns at the Top of the Tower
Billie and Linda at the Top
Paul and June Kim with Bob Dahm at the Top
Inside the Pisa Duomo
Is it the Tower or the Tourists Who are Leaning?
The Tower Peaking out from Beind the Duomo
Ken Inside the Dome of the Baptistry
Paul and Mary and the Tower

Hiking - Group Picture

On the Way to the Top of Mount Croce
Arden on Mount Croce
The Group Picture


On Top of the Duomo Dome
The Ceiling of the Baptistery
Paul and Mary
Ponte Vecchio
It's crowded in front of the old Palace
The Uffizi
The Duomo


Tug of War
Group Picture - Volterra


Carrara Marble Mine
Yes, the Truck is Full Size

Lake Como, Villa D'Este

Lake Como and Villa D'Este
Dressed Up for Dinner
Billie on a Hike
Mary and Paul
Lake Como Boat Trip
Mom and Linda Go To Extreme Measures for Privacy
Anakin and Amidala Wedding Spot

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