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Paul's Guide to St. Marks Place, NYC

The Jazz Singer? Rent? Hair? W.H. Auden? Yes, all of this and more is part of the history and charm of St. Marks Place, a series of three blocks in New York City where 8th Street is renamed for a while.

I've been living here for over a year and this guide is a record of my explorations of the neighborhood. Browse around, and then get out there and discover the neighborhood for yourself!

Click here for a picture gallery showing some of the interesting and quirky things to see around St. Marks Place.


The Five (5) Most Recent Entries:

Itzocan Very Good
Excellent South American Restaurant. Had the chicken soup (great veggies, nice & spicy!) and the chicken in mole sauce - which was rich, earthy, and perfect.

Note: No Credit Cards! Cash only.  (2008-01-23)
Categories:    Restaurants / Regional / South American

Klimat Good
Go here for the beer! They have about a dozen varieties on tap, and the feeling of the place is great for having a bunch of friends gather over some nice micro-brews.

Otherwise, the food was good: Fries, pierogies, pork loin, beats - good hearty Polish food in a beer-garden atmosphere. Entree's 10-15$. Drinks 8-10$.  (2008-01-19)
Categories:    Restaurants / Regional / Western European

BAMN! Good n Quick
Quick and easy - automat food. Food is being constantly re-stocked by the staff so it's always fresh. Many comfort-foods (grilled PB&J, grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, fried mac & cheese bites, etc.), excellent French fries with dipping sauces (almost but not quite as good as the Belgian Fries).

Not that healthy, but good, cheep, and quick. Most things are 1-2$. Fries are 4$.  (2007-11-03)
Categories:    Restaurants / Regional / North American / Picnic Food

Polonia Great Deal
Good, dependable diner food at an excellent price with an attentive wait staff. Excellent polish dishes. Breakfast 4-5$, Soups 1.75-2.75$, entrees 7.50-10$.  (2007-11-03)
Categories:    Restaurants / Regional / North American / Diners

Imagine Good
Nice place, and right across the street from my (new) apartment. The food was good, but the problem was the restaurant just didn't have amy kind of "identity". There were foods from a miscellany of ethnic regions, and a nice bar, but it was all a little unfocussed. On well.  (2007-11-03)
Categories:    Restaurants / Categories / R.I.P.

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