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Paul Kim's Guide to Wine

Sometime, when I get a chance, I'll write some better text to put here. But for now, let me say that this is essentially my wine journal, a place to put all of my discoveries about wine and wineries so all of my friends and family can virtually taste-test with me. Cheers!


The Five (5) Most Recent Entries:

Vincent Arroyo 7
2004 Chardonnay is 0% malolactic, finally an American chard to enjoy! Crisp finish, plenty of citrus and tropical fruit, some oak and fairly full-bodied mid-palate. 2003 Cab Sauv smelled alot like an Etude Pinot Noir, more cherry than blackberry, medium-bodied, balanced and pleasant. JJ is Joy's daughter. Joy, Vince's wine-loving dog passed away recently at the ripe age of 16 from hip problems. JJ seems much more interested in tennis balls than wine, but she can climb to the top of the huge stacks of barrels (seems very precarious if you ask me).  (2005-12-18)
Categories:    California / Napa Valley

Etude 6 to 9
2004 Pinot Gris was pleasant, not extraordinary. Fleshy and graceful with pear notes. 2002 Merlot was very nice, the last of the sourced grape Merlot as next year they go to 100% Estate. Merlot comes from Hare, Hyde, Hudson and Adastra, loamy and herbaceous. Cab Sauv was a sexy thing of beauty, generous and very succulent like blackberry preserves and chocolatey. Low acid and modest tannin make it terrific right away.  (2005-12-18)
Categories:    California / Napa Valley

Casa Nuestra 6 to 8
Tasted 2003 and 2002 Meritage (mostly Merlot), 2003 Cab Sauv and 2004 Rosado (rose of Merlot and Cab Franc). Rose had more body than most. Meritage ($40) was plenty tannic and chewy, earthy, not really showing too much. Cab Sauv ($55) was very tannic and delicious. Lots of currant, made in a 1980's Montelena style, not too ripe and tons of grip. I'd love to see how it evolves in a few years. Met Gene Kirkham (owner) and great hospitality by Robert who fixed a fire and opened fresh bottles just for us. This winery is an old school friendly "family" type winery with only 1500 cases on 18 acres next to Duckhorn near Calistoga (Silverado Trail).  (2005-12-18)
Categories:    California / Napa Valley

Ojai 9
2002 Roll Ranch Syrah - this monster is only just beginning to show itself. Opaque black color stained teeth, tablecloths, fingers, anything that got in its way. Nose of smoked meat and blackberries. Tremendous concentration and fierce tannins. $80 at Falstaff, around $45 in stores (if you can find it). Always great.  (2005-12-18)
Categories:    California / Santa Barbara

Tancredi 8
2002 Nero d'avola. Superb wine, dark, dense, fruity, earthy, I hardly got any before the bottle was sucked dry. $25 at Wine Club SF, recommended by Dave.  (2005-12-16)
Categories:    Italy / Sicilia

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