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This is a new and experimental section of my web site. The idea is that I'll put any new discovery about Annapolis, St. Marks Place, or Putt Putt into one of the following databases. If it looks like this is working out, I may expand it further (i.e. nicer interface, additional domain names, etc.).

Guides to Neighborhoods, Putt Putt, and Wine

Annapolis, Maryland - A guide to all things in Annapolis. Currently under construction, but will someday include restaurants, events, tourist sites and museums, and services.

St. Marks Place, New York - I have an apartment in St. Marks in New York City, while I'm going to school at Tisch. This is a record of my explorations into the neighborhood. Mostly food, but also some shopping and sites.

Putt Putt on the Del-Mar-Va Eastern Shore - A guide to putt putt on the Eastern Shore? Why? Why not? Will eventually include reviews of no less than 30 putt putt courses from Rehoboth, Delaware to Ocean City, Maryland and beyond.

Paul Kim's Guide to Wine - I'm hoping I can talk my friend Paul Kim into sharing with us on-going explorations of the world of Wine into this Guide. Wish me luck! Not only does he have an amazing palate, but he's been everywhere and tasted just about everything.