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For More Information

Walking the Camino de Santiago by Bethan Davies and Ben Cole.
Linda and I found this to be an excellent guidebook for the Camino Frances, with just the right amounts of accurate, useful, entertaining, and educational material. The general site, Pili Pala Press also contains a good deal of practical information about the camino.

The Camino

A fun, personal site with 100's of pictures of the trail and many useful tips for walkers.
Xacobeo 2004
The official site of the Galician Government, the last region on the caminos and where Santiago is. The most comprehensive resource describing all of the many camino routes to Santiago with loads of historical information. Also contains event information such as concerts, etc. available in Santiago. Several of the Albergues along the trail have kiosks which show this site.
The Confraternity of Saint James
Very useful English site with FAQs, bibliography, good links page, historical info, and more.
The Camino Santiago Compostela Pilgrimage
A personal site, in English, with ratings and comments about refugios/albergues, daily diary and pictures of one pilgrim's walk. Also includes a list of books, sounds, packing lists, and more.
Navarra - La Primera del Camino
Another official site, this time by the region of Navarra at the start of the Camino Frances. This site contains hoel and lodging recommendations, maps, descriptions of the stages, historical information, lists of famous pilgrims, an active pilgrim's Q&A forum, and more.
Roncesvalles carolingio y jacobeo
Gorgeous personal site by a very dedicated pilgrim. In Spanish.
Camino de Santiago
This site is entirely in Spanish, but no matter. It contains comprehensive reviews of the albergues along the trail.
Ray Jardine's Adventure Page
Website of Ray Jardine who wrote a very good book "Beyond Backpacking, Guide to Lightweight Hiking" - an excellent guide for lightening your load so you can better enjoy your walk.
Il Cammino Di Assisi
The Italian camino!