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Paul's FAQs

Hi There! The following are a list of Frequently Asked Questions for various subjects. Basically, everytime I endeavor to learn a new subject, I write down all of my questions, discover the answers and the write up an FAQ. So these documents are by-no-means comprehensive, but I do hope they will be helpful.

Additional FAQs (for sqlite and wxWidgets) are on their way.


GUI Programming

Cocoa Programming FAQ - Creating GUI programs on Macintosh OS/X using the Cocoa GUI programming environment.

wxWidgets Newbie Programming FAQ - Creating GUI programs on using the wxWidgets GUI environment (primarily for C++ programmers).


Newbie XML FAQ - What I discovered about XML, DTDs, Schemas, and SAX parsers.


Windows XP Recovery Console Installation FAQ - How to install and run the Windows XP recovery console, even when everything seems to be working against you.

iDVD Burn Errors FAQ - How to locate and fix errors burning DVD disks on Macintosh computers.