Paul Nelson, Musical Theater Composer

Paul Nelson, Composer
Music Theater & Dance Music

Updated January 27, 2011
Updated the modular mazes page to include one-way doors!

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Contents of this Web Site
Music - [NEW] String Quartet two violins, viola, and 'cello right hand. Contains PDF versions of all parts and score.

Audio samples of my music: while at Tisch, while at Peabody

Writings - On Music; Plays; Italian Verbs; Water System
Modular Maze Panels - Paul, Bob, Ken, and Bob's Modular Maze designs.

An innexpensive, sturdy design for full-size, walk-through mazes that can be reconfigured to build hundreds of different maze designs. Combine your panels with others to create huge mazes that stretch over acres of land and take hours to solve.

Paul's FAQs - Frequently asked questions on selected computer subjects.

This section contains FAQs that I've written about various computer subjects. Current FAQs include: Mac OS/X Cocoa and XML.

Neighborhood Guides
St. Marks Place, NY
Paul Kim's Guide to Wine - Tools for modern composers (my other website) - 12-tone matrix analysis, Pitch class set analysis
Travel - The Camino; Hawaii; Italy Software - Music; Web-site PHP; Macintosh Programming FAQ; Italian Drill; Other

My roommates in New York have their own, awesome gourmet cookies. Check it out!

Biographical Information


Home: Maryland and New York City
Born: Aiken, South Carolina; grew up in Newark, Delaware
Other Interests: Installation Art, Mazes, Computer Programming,


Music Education: MFA - NYU / Tisch School for the Arts / Musical Theater Writing (2006), BM - JHU / Peabody Conservatory of Music / Music Composition (2004)
Prior Education: BEE - University of Delaware (1984), MSCS - Johns Hopkins University (1990)
Instrument: Viola
Music Awards: Frederick Loewe/ASCAP Musical Theater Scholarship (2005), Virginia Carty deLillo Composition Competition (2004-1st, 2002-2nd), Prix D'ete Composition Competition for Music and Technology (2004-3rd), Randolph S. Rothschild Award (2004), P. Bruce Blair Award (2003), Philip D. Glass Scholarship (2004), Peabody Merit Scholarship (4 years)
Prior Awards: Westinghouse Gold Signature Award (1986), IIA Entrepreneur of the Year (1994, with Edwin Addison), Washington Technology Best New Product of the Year (1994)

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